Gioia M.

To say that I was skeptical when first approached about cannabis-infused lotions is misleading, as skepticism implies a degree of acceptance as to a possibility. You think, "Well it could work, but I don't really believe it will." I had no such suspension of judgment, I simply did not believe it would make any difference at all.

It has been, therefore a remarkable change for me that this product is so effective. I have chronic pain - back, knees, shoulder, hands - and nothing has ever so effectively stopped the pain. Not just calmed it a bit for a few minutes, but stopped it for hours. Rather like going from a very noisy room straight into the woods - the quiet is breathtaking. Without any of the side effects associated with oral pain medications, or the overpowering scent of topical "pain relievers."

I have MS, and the spasticity in my legs has been a challenge. Despite having weekly massages, the spasticity level did not change. The cannabis lotions have had a dramatic effect on this. While my legs are still inclined to be a bit stiff after inactivity (first thing in the morning) my walking is much more fluid. I am not having spasms through the night, and the sensation of having pea gravel under the skin on my shins is an unpleasant memory rather than a constant in my life.

Apart from the reduction of pain and spasticity, I have not experienced any ill effects, or any unwanted effects from the lotions.

Judith B.

Why get a massage? People all sorts of reasons. I have been getting massages for about 20 years. My muscles were sore, I had pain in my neck and shoulders, and I have pain in my left hip quite often. I needed the relaxation it would afford me. These are some of the reasons I get massages.

One problem always has been that the effects of these massages wore off, and I was back to square one!

Julie Crispin has started using massage lotion with cannabis. I can't believe the difference this has made in the results of my massages. Afterwards I am totally relaxed; aches, pains, sore muscles all relieved! And, best of all, these results last for at least a week! Overall, even if I do not get a weekly massage, my body continues to feel blissfully good just about all the time now. Thank you for being creative and innovative, Julie!



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